The legacy continues in this painstaking recreation of Allman’s favorite guitar. During Duane Allman’s short life and career, he created a legacy that continues to inspire generations of musicians. In the brief period of time it took him to cement his legend as one of the true greats, Duane Allman’s guitar collection seemed like an ever-changing cast of Gibsons, either traded or borrowed for brief periods of time. When Gibson Custom decided to recreate his ’59 Cherry Sunburst Les Paul, unprecedented time and effort was taken to extensively research its history, interviewing friends of Duane and the Allman Brothers Band as well as previous owners of the guitar. What was uncovered is a fascinating story of what is proven to be Duane’s most heard guitar.

Through a very limited run of guitars capturing the precise look, feel and tone of the original, Gibson Custom presents the Duane Allman Cherry Sunburst ’59 Les Paul. Based on unrestricted access to and study of the original, Gibson Custom has recreated

the details of this incredible instrument with uncompomised attention to detail and the highest standards of materials and craft. In addition to the guitar, a very special package of commemorative items are included to make ownership a lifelong and memorable event for the few who will have the pleasure of calling one of them their own.

  • Double Dirty Lemon VOS Finish
  • Red Aniline Dyed Mahogany Back and Sides
  • 2-Piece Hand-Selected Maple Top
  • 1-PIece Mahogany Body
  • 1-Piece Mahogany Neck with Duane Custom Profile
  • 1-Piece Rosewood Fretboard
  • Aged Cellulose Trapezoid Inlays
  • Holly Head Veneer with Pearl Gibson Logo with Open “O” and “B”
  • Schaller Double Band Tuners
  • Chrome Abr-1 Bridge with Brass Saddles and Lightweight Aluminum Stopbar
  • Alnico 3 Custumbucker Bridge Pickup
  • Slightly Underwound Alnico 3 Custumbucker Neck Pickup
  • Gold Top Hat Control Knobs

Includes: Hardshell Case, Duane Allman Les Paul Documentary USB Drive, in Engraved Wooden Case, Dust Cover Inspired by Duane’s Famous Peacock Shirt, Glass Slide, and Engraved Metal Certificate of Authenticity.

In his too brief time here on earth, Duane Allman managed to put a giant stamp on rock ‘n roll history. His distinct guitar tone, style, and feel has been an colossal inspiration, reaching many facets of music, re-sculpting what southern rock, blues, and even R&B could sound like.

During his short career, Duane’s guitar collection was a constantly changing cast of Gibsons that were either traded or borrowed for brief periods of time. However, the one he was most loyal too, or rather was most loyal to him, helping create hits and licks that would be ingrained in the minds generations of fans, was his Sunburst ’59 Les Paul.

With intensive research and unrestricted access to the original piece, Gibson has taken the time to recreate this iconic guitar for a few devoted fans and players to experience the same magic. In the process, they uncovered what turned out to be a fascinating, untold story of what is proven to be Duane’s most heard guitar.

Originally in the hands of Rick Stein of Stone Balloon, Allman heard the 1959 Gibson Sunburst Les Paul while Stone Balloon opened for the Allman Brothers in 1970 in Daytona. He had to have it. With an offer of his Goldtop Top Les Paul, his Marshall Plexi Head, and $200, Stein agreed to the trade. However, as part of the deal, Duane insisted that they swap pickups; he apparently loved the pickups in his Goldtop, which was used to record the first two Allman Brother’s Band records and parts of Eric Clapton’s monster hit, Layla.

The rest is history. This became the guitar Duane used to record the main tracks on Layla, as well as countless other timeless songs. And with Gibson’s peerless attention to detail and craftsmanship, this guitar lives again.

This stunningly accurate recreation consists of a single piece of genuine mahogany, with a 2-piece, hand-selected maple top, and a 1-piece mahogany neck, carved to the exact profile of Duane’s original. A 1-piece Rosewood fretboard contains aged cellulose trapezoid inlays. Shaller double-band tuners keep this guitar historic accuracy, along with the Holly Headstock veneer with the Gibson logo with the open “B” and “O”. A chrome ABR-1 bridge with brass saddles lends for subtle, unique charm, and a Double Dirty Lemon finish completes the look of this faithful reproduction.

Gibson employs two Alnico 3 Custombuckers to recreate the Duane’s timeless tone, with the neck being slightly under-wound. This guitar sings like a bird, just like Duane preffered.