The new True Historic guitars from Gibson are indeed the best they ever made! Closer to the original thing than ever before! they may be rather pricey, but the time,craftsmanship, energy and special materials that go into one of these is som much more and bettrer than one of the ‘normal’ Custom Shop. So consider this to be the Champions league of les Paul’s Really something to experience.

Everything has been researched and recreated down to a ‘T’…so all the little things from the top hats, to pick covers and rings, washers, backplates, pickguards, toggle caps, and pegged veneers have been carefully recreated. The body of the True Historic also features a thinner lacquer, which is wet sanded by hand, softer vintage edge profiles throughout, and a double carved and hand sanded top that’s glued now with hide glue. The dish of the top has been re-done using a new sanding process. The neck roll has been changed, while hand filled rolled fingerboard binding and a new scraping process were also utilized to get these as accurate to th.e original Les Paul. on top of that tyhese guitars are all lightweight and incredibly resonant. no dus on this production line. This guitar is in all aspects a recreation as close to the original as humanly possible…the sounds, the feel ánd the looks! It does not get much better than this! Comes with all paperwork and CS case. come and test these beauties and be amazed!

COA/Other: Custom Shop True Historic Certificate of Authenticity in Binder, Extra Black Plastic Treble/Rhythm Switch Cover Plate